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Sentirse bien haciendo el bien

Sentirse bien haciendo el bien

Before reading this article we invite you to ponder these questions  why laos new generations are opting for contraception and abortion? Is it because of lack of a good education?

It's always good to reflect on the "pedagogy of love" in the art of leading children and not so young, not by fear or punishment, but out of respect, affection and sincere and honest appreciation. But it is possible that among some educators still standing, perhaps unconsciously, what was in the old saying, "the letter from the spoil." That is, it would be necessary to punish and correct hardness to achieve something in the minds of our children.

        We certainly do not accept that learning has to reach the blood. But to condemn the old saying we realize that education must avoid two extremes highly detrimental to the life of every child. The first is not correct and never punished; the second, to correct and punish with methods that border on the most merciless cruelty.

        As I said at the time of Plato and Aristotle, should educate children know so well to guide their feelings, their moments of pleasure and moments of pain, implying combine well know these two important elements of our lives. Why? Because sometimes, even without thinking about the fact that we believe that something is going to cost a lot, or in other activity or object will enjoy more, can be decisive when they do or stop doing something (go to work or stay in bed watching TV, for example).

        It is therefore necessary to know how to guide good feeling itself, because only we have a real man, a true citizen self-possessed, when we have gotten some satisfaction in doing good, and deep regret in committing or finding evil. The incomplete man, being flattened at the integral formation, however, is the one who feels bad when he does something good or feels good to do wrong. So education can be defined as a path to rectify and eliminate man pleasure in evil conduct, to be growing increasingly, pleasure in building a better world.

        It might be objected, however, that the duty and honesty should not be subordinated to the pursuit of a prize, the pursuit of pleasure we feel when we have done good. This is true, but it is also true that while we can sometimes be honored to stubbornness, sometimes we need some sensible support, at least that little satisfaction someone tell our ears, "congratulations, you are wonderful!" sometimes even if that someone is yourself ...

        Conversely, has not stopped us before committing a small grant fraud or some "tiny" vice away the thought of the stern eyes of one who loves us very much and, therefore, we demand more? Man can not live by the law of "duty for duty," but you need braces, crutches, rewards or punishments, heaven and hell, to resist both fidelity to the good work begun, and the rejection of those most shameful and turbulent action.

        The old slogan "the letter from the spoil" is certainly almost discarded in the field of teaching content, in schools where our children study. Mathematics, geography, history, you have to teach with pleasure, with pleasure, because pleasure reinforces precisely fixed and more content that we want to convey.

        This is what Plato had said 2400 years ago, long before it was "rediscovered" by the famous (but often unrealistic) Rousseau in the eighteenth century ... The moral, in turn, must be taught with good pedagogy , such that it combines the two moments, the awards and the rebuke to lead to genuine sorrow for the wrong committed, and feel a deep satisfaction when the child begins to perform good deeds.

        Going down to concrete things, what should we do when a child, who may just have malice, takes a toy to her brother to "do rage" and show who is stronger? Inhibition of parents can only reinforce the unjust in his "crime", while a timely rebuke, always within the maximum bound to respect maximum clarity, helps to feel the deep pain that can gradually eliminate some injustice small habits that can later develop into far greater crimes.

        At the same time, the warm smile of the parents before the child's generous approach that provides toys to his brothers, can help strengthen the incipient outbreak of virtue, then, one day, may lead to continue to live in our land characters good and holy as St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Pope John Paul II.

        Yes: we must help children to direct their feelings, and feel good about doing good. But not to forget that from time to time, we also have to help ourselves, adults, the long road towards virtue. It is never late. Just always start with the fresh eyes of a child who feels loved and responds with love to the love you receive.

 By Fernando Pascual, LC AutoresCatolicos.org